A Week of Beach Walking

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It’s been another quieter week around here and while I had all intent on checking in earlier, I’m in the middle of a 5 event week for 50 States and really just feel like this week is survival mode.

Answer the emails that come in, write the recaps that need to happen, drive, eat and sleep. If you can squeeze in a few minutes of beach time in there somewhere, make that happen, you are in Florida after all!
If it isn’t on the schedule already and isn’t a time critical thing, then it probably won’t happen for a few days. Like I said, it’s survival mode over here.
But regardless, it’s been a great week for workouts. When we’ve been able to find some free time between driving and events, I’ve been giving my body a rest with walks or short runs on the beach. It’s been freaking fabulous!
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Friday 1/23/15
Lunge (per leg) with Med Ball Press
Med Ball Front Squat
Med Ball Situp
Saturday 1/24/15
Beach walking
Sunday 1/25/15
Monday 1/26/15
5@ 75 bench
Open 14.3
100 reps
65# / 85# / 105# / 115#
Tuesday 1/27/15
1.5 mile beach run
2 mile beach walk
Fran, You Two-Faced B*tch
Thrusters (35#)
then, 800m run w/ 12# med ball
then, Fran again
time: 20:49
Wednesday 1/28/15
Partner WOD:
10 rounds for time:
10 box jumps
10 ring rows
Time: 9:31
Thursday 1/29/15
How were your workouts this week? Link ’em up below!

2 thoughts on “A Week of Beach Walking

  1. Katie

    Keep up the good work, and the very important rest! I’m sure your bodies are super confused by all the constant travel/new surroundings. I haven’t blogged about a specific workout this week, but since the temps were in the 30s I did lots of outdoor runs, now we’re back to 9 degrees, so my workouts will go back indoors.

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