A Whirlwind..

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I’ve done a terrible job following this Trust 30 Challenge (I’m sorry Justine!) but I think Justine and I share some frustrations with the writing prompts, thus making it difficult for me to make myself sit down and do it everyday.  Instead, I’ve just been saving the prompts (and jumping around), to whatever feels fitting on a day that I want to write.  With that, the prompt I chose for today was by Corbett Barr regarding what we’d say to our past and future self.
“There will be an agreement in whatever variety of actions, so they be each honest and natural in their hour.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
5 years ago:  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Open up and let go.  Breathe.  Things may seem rough soon, but they’re really not all that bad – you’ll move on.  Just keep breathing through all of it.  It will make it go by much easier.  Keep working for your goals and your dreams and things will fall into place.  You work hard and people see that, be ready to keep working hard.  Be ready to deal with ambiguity and adjust your path as needed and continue to as time goes by.  It’s okay, you got this!
5 years from now:  Have I learned to overcome the fear of success?  Have I continued to use my breath as a guide and to let go of the stress and anxiety?  Has all of the hard work, drive and practice continued to pay off?  Have I opened up to finding and falling in love, instead of fearing that pain again?  Am I still feeling like I have no money, ever?
On another note, yesterday marked the delivery of my first pile of stuff to the new apartment!  Since we were allowed to start moving things in early (free of charge), I decided to take advantage of that extra time and move slowly begin to move my things.  I’m not doing big car-fulls of things, but rather 5 or 6 small (and management) things every to every-other day.  Obviously, at some point I will hit the time when I need a truck and help to move the larger items, but for now, I’m trying to take it easy and not allow this move to stress me out (if I can help it).  


But at the same time, my to-do list is rapidly growing, remembering all the things you need to do and change when you move.  And to add to that list, class starts Monday!  It’s an online course, so it’s based on my schedule and when I have time but it will still mean more to do and a big ol’ text book to read!  (And because I’m that much of an over-achiever, I just logged into my class, got my syllabus early and my “assignment” to introduce myself to the class via the discussion board. This just got real! I’m excited but also nervous..)
So what does my day today look like?
-Lots of coffee, music and relaxing
-Heading off to the gym for a run
-Dropping another pile of things at the new apartment
-Head to West Hollywood to see friends, chill by the pool and relax
Why am I still sitting on the computer? This day is going to be awesome and I better get to it before it flashes before me!