A Word of Advice…

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Dear People of the World,
Here is a word to the wise:  Just because you know or meet someone who works at Apple, does NOT give you the right to ask us for a discount.  If you’re family or close friends, then yes, you probably can expect we would love to give you a discount and will probably offer one to you.  But if you’re someone who we hardly ever speak to, haven’t spoken to in years, or just meet – good luck doing anything but making us angry by asking and know we will NEVER give you one after that.
With that, I have a story.  The other day after work I decided to stop at the grocery store on my way home.  I was wearing my new Apple track jacket.  It’s very simple just with a small Apple logo on the front.  As I was checking out the man ringing me up said “Let me guess.  You bought a Mac computer and they gave you that jacket?” And my response was simple “No, I work there.” Mistake.  BIG mistake, Katie.  You should know better.  His face lit up and he started going on about how much he loves his iPhone and iPad, but in the “I feel uncomfortable kind of way.”  He then goes “Do you get a discount?” and after telling him yes he says, “if I give you money, can you get me a discount on a computer?”  To which I promptly without a moment to stop and think said “no.”  His face immediately dropped and in as serious a tone as someone can he asked “why not?”  I couldn’t believe what was happening in front of me at that moment.  I said “because they go to me or my family first” his shocked continued “and you already used them?” “Uh…yes! Yes I did” (LIE) He then asked if I could get him one next quarter.  I grabbed my bags and said “it doesn’t work like that” and walked out.  There are SO many things wrong with that conversation!  Did I ask for a discount on my groceries? No!  Have I ever met you before? No! Do I even usually shop at this grocery store? No! And will I ever go back to it? No!  
People, please do all of us a favor and stop asking for a discount, especially when you don’t know us!  We get asked about it ALL the time, so you can bet we are sick of getting asked, we only get a limited number, and chances are there is someone else in this world we would rather give it to.  (cough-real-friends-and-family-and-ourselves-cough)
On another note, I have something else to put out there for you all.  I know I’m a lady and I know that according to a some stupid stereotype, I shouldn’t know technology that well…SURPRISE! I do! SURPRISE! I was hired by one of the best tech companies out there!  SURPRISE! I DO know what I’m talking about!  Do I know everything? No, but I can admit the things I don’t know and pull someone else in to answer those questions for you, but I will also hang around so that I can learn and know the answer next time.  So, if you’re looking for help and I answer your question, please don’t look at me like I don’t know what I’m talking about or make me check with someone else because you don’t trust my answer.  Please understand that if I wasn’t able to help you, Apple wouldn’t have hired me.  If I answered your question without thinking about it or with a great deal of confidence, it means I REALLY know what I’m talking about.  Are you running 10.5.8 on your computer? That’s a version of Leopard, NOT Tiger…TRUST ME!  Also, let’s remember that you had a question because there was something that you didn’t know so what makes you think you know if my answer is incorrect (especially when it IS correct)? …I’m just saying.
Once again I’m stepping off my soap box and climbing in to bed.
Good night MacBook Pro.  Good night MacBook Air.  Good night Moon.  Good night world.

My pretty little 11″ MacBook Air during the video from the first time you turn it on.