Abs in April

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Work is getting busier. I consider this a good thing but it may also mean that it gets harder to post somedays. This isn’t an apology, it’s just a heads up. I love blogging but it’s a hobby and as such, I will never apologize for not posting. #sorrynotsorry (right, Amanda?)


Anyway, summer is around the corner which means bikini season is around the corner. GASP! Let’s get real, whether you’re in great shape or not, this is usually everyone’s least favorite part about summer. I’m SURE I’m not alone.


To help get me ready for this, I’m committing to bring back Plank a Day, focusing on my core more in my workouts and eating clean in the kitchen (because let’s get real, abs are made in the kitchen). I’m calling in Abs in April.

abs in aprilBelow you’ll find a chart you can print out to track your plank a day. Every Tuesday, I’ll check in with my planks for the week and see how I’m progressing. This isn’t just about feeling better about how my abs LOOK, but to make my core STRONGER. Our core carries us through our days, so it’s important to keep them strong.

April Plank Tracker

Every Thursday, I’ll share two other core workouts – maybe created by me, maybe some of my other favorites from around the web that you can incorporate into your routine.


Sound like a plan? Good.

Now get a plankin’.

Photo on 9-10-12 at 8.51 PM


Do you plank a day? 

Or better yet…WILL you plank a day?

2 thoughts on “Abs in April

  1. Katie

    I don’t plank every day, I do make sure to do a few planks in my yoga sculpt classes though! I can’t wait to see your core workouts!

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