Acts of Kindness You Can Do Every Single Day

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Let’s get real for a moment. Last week was not a great week. My heart goes out to everyone who was impacted in the shooting in Las Vegas. I really don’t like to get political in this space, but my heart is absolutely broken and I can’t help but hope that as a country, we can all come together and put the lives of our fellow humans first.

In the light of all that happened, it feels ridiculous for me to even say that it was personally a more challenging week for me. I was feeling under the weather which lead to a fainting spell at work and then dealing with the repercussions of that fall the rest of the week. With that said, I know that the bruise on the back of my head and on my lower back will heal quickly and I will be back to my usual self before long. I know that’s not the case for everyone out there so I assure you, I am counting my blessings each and every day.

But with all of these things happening around us, all of the pain and suffering, all of the hurt, confusion, and no doubt overwhelm, I want this space to be a place of positivity, light, love and hope so today that’s exactly what I want to bring you.

The idea of random acts of kindness are no stranger to us, but what about just kindness. Why does it have to be random? Why can’t it be planned, brainstormed, and put into action every single day? Why can’t it just become second nature?

I want to share a list of ways to share kindness with those around you. Some may be things you’ve heard of, others maybe you’ve never thought of before, and others may just seem like common sense. But that’s all OK. What I really hope this does, is light a spark in each and every single one of us to go out there and be a little kinder, a little gentler, and a little more loving to those we pass every single day.

Acts of kindness you can do every single day:

  1. Say “good morning” when you see your neighbor heading to their car for work
  2. Call or text a friend to say you’re grateful for their friendship
  3. Buy coffee for your coworkers
  4. Send unexpected fun mail to a friend or family member
  5. Happily let someone merge in front of you in traffic
  6. Say “thank you”
  7. Wait an extra few seconds to hold the door for someone behind you
  8. Pick up trash in the park
  9. Say “I’m sorry” when you’re wrong
  10. Offer to watch a friend’s child so they can have a night off
  11. Put down your phone and smile at a stranger
  12. Leave a generous tip
  13. Pick up flowers to show someone you care

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I hope today sparks your imagination and helps inspire you to show a little extra kindness in your day.

What other acts (random or not) would you add to the list to show kindness?