“After Rain” by Dermot Kennedy

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Time and time again, some of my favorite songs are the ones that take me completely off guard. I never see the moment coming. Oftentimes I’m at work and only semi paying attention to the music playing in my ears. I’ll be looking at click through rates or video engagement or scheduling out a handful of posts. I’ll be in a zone and then all of a sudden it’s like someone tipped my chair over and I’m on the ground going “what was that for?”

I take a moment, look around and see that no one is around me. And no, I’m not really on the floor. I’m sitting upright in my chair still but head is in a haze. I bring Spotify to the front of the screen and playing is “After Rain” by Dermot Kennedy; I don’t recognize the song or the artist for that matter.

Like anyone else in my situation, I pause, take a deep breath and start the song over. Listening to every lyric as the song plays again in my ears.

You won’t go lonely, yeah

It’ll all be better in the morning

‘Cause while you sleep I’ll build a wall

Pick a weapon up or something

We’re about to have ourselves a brawl

In dead of night one window opened

He heard her singing down the hall

Singing about him ‘least he was hoping

She left her listener enthralled

“After Rain” Dermot Kennedy

Whoa…right? Immediately after I pulled him up on Spotify. Who is this guy? I kept thinking. Why do I not know his music? 

But regardless of those answers, I was hooked on the only 3 songs available for streaming on Spotify. Over and over. Repeat repeat.

This artist is from Dublin and it’s talent like that and the feeling that I get while listening to his music that makes me long for a previous life of mine or reassurance that I need to find me a (good) musician boy to date and give me the ties to that industry that I just can’t fully break away from.

So if I can make one suggestion of how you start your Monday, start it with this Dublin-based singer-songwriter who’s totally about to steal your heart.

How are you starting your Monday?

10 thoughts on ““After Rain” by Dermot Kennedy

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