An Interview With A Health Strategist

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In my attempt to reach a greater audience and help more people live their healthier and happiest lives, I’m branching out a bit this year. A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to sponsor an episode of The Social Scene podcast and now that it’s available to listen to, I just had to share it!

On this episode, JZ interviews health strategist, Angel Luis. With the new year bringing on a multitude of health resolutions and as we now approach the end of January, that time when our resolutions start to fade to the back burner, this interview had some great takeaways!

Now I’m not going to give them all away, you really should listen to the interview (go HERE), but there were some quotes from Angel that I just have to share:


Your body is going to give you clues.

As I find myself figuring out my own current health concerns and needs, I find it’s often hard for most people to fully understand but our bodies give us clues…listen to those! And then take them to your doctor. If you must, keep a list that you bring with to your appointment so you don’t forget any key things!

They probably don’t need to lose that much weight to improve their health, they’re want to lost that weight to improve their personal appearance…and that’s a completely different set of goals.

OMG. Read that again! And again. And again!

He hit the nail right on the head with that one and I was so excited when he did. It’s so true. Know your goals and know there are differences between health and appearance. It doesn’t mean you can’t be working towards both, but they aren’t one in the same and that’s a very important factor.

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of the episode and some of your biggest takeaways!

6 thoughts on “An Interview With A Health Strategist

  1. Lauren Deegan

    This definitely made me think more about how healthy I perceive myself and whether I realize what I am putting into my body. It was a great experience and I was left having to face myself. Now, I think I want to make better choices.

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