April 2019 Goals

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April is here! I’m not sure about the rest of you, but March felt reallyyyyyy long to me. Maybe it’s because February is a short month, but March felt almost stupidly long. It was a tough month for me mentally, so I’m sure in a lot of ways that was playing into things but I’m going into April with hope, light, and focus. I have a lot of things I want to work on and I’m excited to take the steps to get there. Honestly, there’s a lot of balls up in the air right now and I’m kind of waiting to see where things land. I really think April will be a month where some clarity and insight start to appear for me and help me pave what the next chapter of my life looks like. It’s obviously terrifying in many ways but it’s also quite exciting.

With that said, it’s time to start focusing on some goals for April and what’s going to help me get there but before we do that, let’s look back on my March goals and see how I did…

1. Read 4 books – I got close, I read 3..and I cut it a bit close getting there.
2. Stick to budget – This wasn’t really a win, but I did really well in MOST categories and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’m hoping April helps me reign this in even more.
3. Complete Poncho’s training – Check! We have to continue practicing obviously but the pup graduated!
4.Attend at least 2 yoga or other fitness classes (as a student) this month – This makes me sad, but no. I made it to 1 barre class and was hoping to take a class yesterday but instead was asked to sub it…womp womp. Poncho does seem to be doing better when I’m not here (and thus trusting I WILL come home) so I’m feeling pretty hopeful that I can start fitting more classes in for myself.
5. Grow IG account by 4% – Nope. IG has been rough for me. While I want to see growth, I’m also feeling like I want to spend LESS time on social media (which isn’t a bad thing) so I wasn’t as great at strategy this month.

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The other day, I was listening to an audiobook or podcast or something and heard someone talk about how you have to believe in your dreams without abandon if you want to make them a reality…I'm not saying that's wrong necessarily, but it got me thinking…I believe that it’s not just about believing in your dreams, it’s about believing in YOURSELF without abandon. 💛 It's about believing that those big beautiful dreams you have your eyes set on, are something that YOU can make happen. I've spent far too many years dreaming big but not believing in myself. I truly believe that that's the reason why some of those things never fully came to fruition in the way I hoped. It's time to flip the script and start believing in myself, my abilities, and make these dreams my reality! Won't you join me? 💛 I know that I believe in YOU!

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Now, here are my April goals:

1. Read 4 Books – I should also add get a library card again so I can get audiobooks for free through the library. Reading at night is just a struggle for me sometimes when I have other things I want to do and create and a puppy to play with, but walks in the sun with the dog while listening to an audiobook sounds really nice.
2. Complete Meditation Teacher Training – I’m so excited to deepen my knowledge for meditation and be able to share that with you all more soon!
3. Get a Massage – This sounds like the perfect birthday month self-care.
4. Plan a Trip for later this year – I’m ITCHING to get away on a trip and instead of being jealous of everyone else, I need to just put it on the calendar. My sister gifted me some miles for Christmas and I have a few ideas on the mind, so it’s time to just pick the dates and start planning.
5. Upgrade phone – I broke my phone a few months ago and I’ve been using my mom’s old phone for MONTHS. It’s been fine and it gets the job done, but it’s totally overstuffed and slow. I’m due for an upgrade and so I think it’s time I get back with the times, especially since it’ll be beneficial for my business growth.

What are some of your goals for April?

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  1. Anthea

    Great goals for April. I look forward to reading all about the meditation teacher training. Last month I started a course on meditation at the yoga studio I attend. Been to 2 sessions and am LOVING it. The instructor is brilliant and I cannot wait to learn more.

    Planning a trip is always so much fun – enjoy! And yes to some pampering – I’ve also got spa time on my list of goals.

    Hope your April is great!
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  2. Lecy | A Simpler Grace

    Great job on your goals from last month. I really struggle with growing my social platforms too, especially IG. I always want to do it organically and still keep a good social/tech-free balance in my life. Hope you see some growth this month!
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  3. katie

    I feel you on not being perfect with budgeting. I’m categorizing every single purchase I make, and I certainly have cut down on my food spend (but its still not perfect) and haven’t taken myself clothes shopping (which is really hard with sales/spring clothes). I know I’m being “better” than I ever have before. but its hard to put myself on a spending diet.
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  4. Beth

    I love your April goals. I’m trying to read more this coming month too. And also getting a massage sounds wonderful, I keep meaning to do that and then I haven’t. Maybe I finally will this month though!

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