April Love 2017

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The timing of this could not have been more spot on. I found Susannah Conway through my good friend Justine and yesterday I got an email about the April Love 2017 challenge. Truthfully, I’m not usually very good at these daily photo prompts, at least not as of the last few years. I always love them in design and theory but my execution falls short, life gets in the way. But this one feels different. Maybe it’s because it’s all about self love and self care; maybe it’s because I’m turning 30 in a week and feeling the desire for additional love surrounding me; maybe it’s because as I dive deeper into my own meaning of life, it just resonates. I don’t really care the reason, all I know is that I’m jumping in with both feet forward and I’m really excited about whatever it may bring and the new people it may connect me to.

I bring it up today because I want to invite you to join me. You can start late, who cares? There’s no pressure here. Susannah says herself, “For 2017 I’m practicing my own self-care by going back to basics for this round. There are no emails and no pressure to keep up. No need to do anything other than get involved as much or as little as you want.”

Now that’s something I can get behind.

Saturday 4/1 – BLUE


The irony was waking up Saturday morning feeling tired. Saturday mornings I generally drive to Grand Rapids, go to the early morning yoga class, then hit up Trader Joes and Costco, and drive home. I slept a bit later than normal, but still went through the usual motions and took my morning smoothie and dairy-free fat-fueled coffee with me in the car. I was listening to a podcast where a girl was talking about her experience with endometriosis and how she’s had success combating the side effects. If you don’t know, I suffer from endo myself, so this podcast really resonated with me.

As I got closer to the studio, I realized just how not great I felt. My legs were aching, I had abdominal cramping and I was exhausted. I debated still going to yoga (I drove all that way, after all) and then I debated skipping. I remembered the classes where I’ve tried to push through and how moments felt okay, but overall I felt shaky and not on my mat. I knew what I needed to do was skip, so I did. I drove to the grocery store, got what I needed and came home to take a hot shower and get started on the laundry. I rolled out my mat in my living room and so if the moment struck me, the convenience of a quick at home practice was within my reach, or maybe just laying in child’s pose, supported bridge, or supported fish pose for as long as felt good. I had options and I felt really good about it.

What ended up feeling good was a long walk on the treadmill after about four hours of writing a couple freelance articles. The end of the evening came and I rolled my mat back up, having done nothing with it; I felt great about my decision.

Sunday 4/2 – FAVORITE VIEW


For most this would likely look like a beach or the mountains or the face of someone they love and while I see absolutely nothing wrong with it, Sundays in general are a beautiful view. I allow myself to linger in bed and take it slow. Where most mornings I’m at 4:30am, on Sundays it’s not uncommon for that to be more like 7:30 or 8:30. I love my early weekday mornings, but I love lingering and taking things slow and with no rush on Sundays.

The coffee brewed while I completed my morning meditation and by the time I was done the sun was up, or as much as it would be on this cloudy morning. I poured myself a cup and opened the blinds. I can’t wait for the trees to be filled with leaves come summer, but even for now, I find this view to be so comforting.

Won’t you join us?