Are You On Snapchat?

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I can’t believe we’re about to have this conversation…

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It feels like it’s been years that I’ve been telling friends “No, I’m not going to sign up for Snapchat, will you please stop asking me?” …or… “I don’t see the point…why do my pictures need to disappear? Honestly, it sounds dumb.”

Well…guess what? In many ways, I still feel that way but a few months ago, I downloaded the app and grabbed my username. And yes, my friends freaked out.


Me: No, I just don’t want anyone else to take my username. It’s my brand.

Them: (disappointed) Oh…

Fast forward to the present moment. I guess you could say I’ve caved. I’m hearing more and more talk about Snapchat, listening to Gary Vee basically say “get on it NOW” and knowing he’s coming from a place with strong gut instincts and knowledge of the industry. Gut instincts that I know myself can’t be ignored.

So I’m being a student and learning, trying it out and can I be real? I still don’t get it. The app is not intuitive, which I find frustrating but with each day, I think I’m catching on more and more.

So what’s the point of all this nonsense?

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Are you on Snapchat?

22 thoughts on “Are You On Snapchat?

  1. Whitney S.

    I love Snapchat! I’ve been on it for a year! It’s pretty simple: you either take pictures and/or videos and send them exclusively to your friend OR you can upload pictures and/or videos to your story. You can also chat with people if you like. That’s about it.

    I don’t use it as much as some people, because usually I forget while I am out doing something. I usually just live and experience it and not even think to snapchat it haha (and some of my friends don’t want to appear on snapchat)

  2. JenB

    I’m still a Facebook gal. I try Twitter and Instagram, but they just don’t seem as user friendly to me. I have yet to try Snapchat – I really SHOULD as a parent, just to see what my boys are snapchatting about. That’s a rule, mom has to be included on a friend list for social media (it’s why I joined Twitter, as the teens moved there off Facebook) … but social media keeps changing and I can’t keep up!
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  3. Nellwyn

    I’m on Snapchat technically but I never use it… It’s hard enough to keep up with all my other social media and I don’t really see the different between Snapchat and just texting my friends a photo… but apparently it’s all the rage so I should probably figure it out!

  4. Jenni

    Funny enough, I’m the same way, and yet I think I’ll be caving soon. I just attended Go Blog Social in STL, and that was a big part of it… video and snapchat. So, I guess I’ll be biting the bullet soon.

  5. Angela @ happy fit mama

    This is too funny! I said the exact same thing and finally caved this week. I finally set up a profile pic but have no idea what to do with it. I need some kind of tutorial! I’m @happyfitmama. Just followed you…good luck!
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