At-Home Stability Ball Workout

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Hellooooo Wednesday! How happy I am to see you! Two days into the new job and to be expected, I’m quite exhausted. For the last year, I may have worked non-stop and with a crazy schedule, but it was still on “my” schedule so to speak. The year before that, I had “office hours” but I worked from my home office and sometimes they varied a bit due to the nature of working in the music industry. Don’t get me wrong, those were both exhausting on many levels, but working consistent hours out of an office you commute to, is as well. Don’t ask me why this surprised me, but it did.


I know it will take me a couple of weeks to really find my groove and a routine that works for me but I’ve also been feeling the affects of missing workouts, even if they were missed for good reasons (the craziness of moving and starting a new job). I’m doing my best to make fitness a priority, knowing it will help with the stress and my overall energy so yesterday morning I set an alarm bright and early, rolled out of bed and got in this nice little workout before continuing with the rest of my morning routine.

Complete THREE rounds of the following…

For the weighted movements in this stability ball workout, I used an 8lb medicine ball since that’s what I own but if you have access to more weights or a gym, you can always use dumbbells. No weights available? No problem! Use the stability ball! Then for the seated press, grab anything with a little weight to it…a textbook, a small box, or even a water jug. This is meant to be a workout you can do at home!

This was especially great for me since I have a third-floor apartment and don’t want to do a lot of movements that will create a bunch of noise for the person below me, especially at 5am… 😉

What are some of your favorite at-home exercises?

15 thoughts on “At-Home Stability Ball Workout

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  2. Ana

    I have to show this to my hubby. He is really lazy in stepping to Gym. I have to push him every time. I have pinned this. 🙂

  3. Rae

    People have no idea how challenging these exercises can be. They look easy in photographs. But the good thing is just how quickly your body will respond to these exercises, if you do them exactly as directed, as often as directed, and don’t cheat to make them easier!

  4. Charlotte

    Thank you SO MUCH for this workout! I have a stability ball somewhere (isn’t that sad that I may have lost it?? LOL) but there are definitely times in the day I have available for a few reps. Appreciate this! 🙂

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