Attitude of Gratitude – April 2019

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While it’s been a quieter month around here, I do hope/plan to get back into more writing and posting come May. I don’t want to commit to anything too set in stone as I feel changes looming around the corner but the intention is there. Really, I’m hoping to start scheduling a writing date for myself every week or at least every other week. I have goals to write my book in the near future and I’m out of the habit of writing, which feels like it just pushes it back even more. I would like to find some balance and forward movement in a few areas of my life again.

That wasn’t the most positive intro necessarily and as someone who fully believes in a gratitude practice, I didn’t want to miss a month of sharing some reasons that I am grateful this month. This was my birthday month and while I am grateful for another trip around the sun, there’s more on my list so let’s take a look, shall we?

1.Hope and Trust

This may feel like a silly thing to include but it’s really the first thing on my list. I’ve had a few more moments of feeling hope, direction, and feeling like I can just trust the timing of my life. It doesn’t mean this feeling is all day, every day, but the moments when it’s present, I am so grateful.

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"If it’s yours, you can’t fuck it up." . Shit, friends! That resonates! As I listened to the latest episode of @almost30podcast as they talk about relationships, I first found myself struggling as I always do when people talk about “when you know, you know.” It’s one of my biggest pet peeves as I had a relationship where I KNEW within minutes of meeting him. But the relationship ended. I was wrong. . I’ve spent a lot of time working through emotions, conversations, and “what went wrong.” I often have to remind myself that there are two people that play into a relationship, so it’s never just what “I did wrong” so when I heard those words, “you can’t fuck up what is yours,” I was stopped in my tracks. . It wasn’t mine. Even as much as it may have felt like it, it wasn’t mine. It taught me lessons, it helped me grow, and it’s ending is helping me get myself back on track to where I want to go with my life. But it wasn’t mine. . You can’t fuck up what isn’t yours. Wow.

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2. Meditation Teacher Training

I loved this weekend so much! Meditation is such a beautiful practice and we only briefly skimmed over it in Yoga Teacher Training so it was nice to be able to dive in a bit deeper to the practice and ways that I can share it with others. I’m excited to be able to start sharing more with people, so stay tuned as I play around with how to best make this happen!

3. Spring, Sunshine, and Warmth

While we ended up with some cooler temps and a little snow this weekend, the sunshine, warmth, and spring weather has been so lovely. I swear everyone has seemed generally happier and more positive. It’s truly amazing how much a little sunshine can brighten everyone up.

4. Doggy Daycare & Boarding

I can’t say I love the cost necessarily, but since my local community is small and I hate feeling like I’m putting people out, it’s nice to know there’s somewhere else to take my dog where I know he’s being loved, cared for, and exercised. When he’s there, I really don’t worry and that’s something I’m really grateful for.

5. Long Runs Feeling Good

While marathon training hasn’t officially kicked off yet, I am trying to stay in good running shape and consistent with regular runs of varying lengths. I’m also signed up to do a Ragnar run in June with some local ladies which means I do need to keep building my mileage. But the long runs have (mostly) felt really good. I think it helps that I’ve been able to get off the treadmill more and head outside in the sunshine, beautiful weather, and run in more scenic areas. (The irony is that I’m writing this while putting off my long run until later in the day because I’m just not in the mood…haha)

What are you grateful for this past month? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Beth

    I’m grateful for sunshine and warmth too. It was a long cold winter and sunny warm days are feeling really good! I’m glad you found a place for your pup to be during the day too, that’s awesome!

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