Attitude of Gratitude: February 2018

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It’s crazy to think we’ve come to the end of another month. Sure, February is a short month and in general, time just seems to fly by, but I still can’t help but say it anyway. February was quite busy for me especially int he realm of yoga teacher training and traveling. But it was also quite stressful on the work front, though I’m trying to find the solution to let some of that stress go.

With that said, I want to focus on the positive and the moments and things from this past month that I am so grateful for, because there were many. I started this end of month gratitude practice in January and got such great feedback, I’m definitely going to keep it up so here we go…

1. Completing my practical exam as part of finishing my yoga teacher training program. I haven’t shared my thoughts on how it went because I’m very critical of myself, I did get some great feedback and I’m excited for more opportunities to teach in the future.

2. The boy and I packed our bags and flew to Los Angeles for a few days. We were going to attend a friend’s wedding reception who eloped last year, but we made sure to give ourselves a few extra days to see some of my other friends in the area, go on a few hikes, walk the beaches, and eat a lot of delicious food and drinks. We had such a great trip and I’m excited to keep traveling with this guy and see where our adventures take us next!

3. I mentioned things have been a bit stressful and while it’s a sensitive topic to discuss in such an open format, I’m just going to say that I’m really grateful for opening myself up and putting myself out there for potential new opportunities and possibilities. I know when something isn’t working for me anymore and while it can be hard to admit and then take action, I have been and I’m really proud of myself for that, even when things haven’t worked out.

4. I have to put out my extreme gratitude for the friends and family who have supported me the last several months as I’ve been working towards my yoga teaching certificate. They’ve heard me stress and worry, but they’ve also been supportive and uplifting when I need it. This includes my instructors, the other trainees, friends and family near and far, and of course, the boy who listened to my worries and woes for how I felt my final went, and then treated me to a delicious dinner to celebrate.

5. Overall, I am so grateful for this life…a safe place to call my home, a job to pay the bills, healthy foods to nourish my body, and in general a body that allows me to be active and healthy.

Obviously there are so many other things I didn’t mention, but this is what is especially sticking out to me this month. There are bound to be a lot of changes in the coming months and while that may be scary and stressful at times, an attitude of gratitude really makes it a lot easier to persevere.

What are you grateful for this month?