August is the month of Yoga

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I started a routine a couple weeks ago that I think I mentioned the other day (?).  It’s my yoga or book before bed routine and I’m not sure what took me so long to get into this – it’s like a freaking sanity saver!

Each night about 30-45 minutes before I plan to be asleep, I either roll out my yoga mat or climb in bed and read (or both).  It’s become another way for me to focus on myself and end the day on a positive and uplifting note.  I’m definitely going to try to keep this up, especially with some pretty hectic months ahead.

And then yesterday Lauren announced her August yoga challenge – 20 minutes everyday.

When I first heard about, I was excited for a way to start “learning” yoga without being with other yogis.  I was afraid of going to a studio and standing out like a sore thumb for being such a newb who didn’t know what they were doing.  As I’ve gone to several studios the past couple years, I’ve learned that no one’s judging you; everyone is there for their own growth and their own practice.

Now I use YogaDownload podcasts as a way to literally “take yoga anywhere” or anytime.  It’s an easy way to save money on something that could cost a lot.  It’s a way to remember that it’s okay if all you have time for is 20 or 30 minutes.  And it’s a way to remember to take time for yourself.

So Lauren, I’m in!  Yoga everyday in August.  Who wants to join?

3 thoughts on “August is the month of Yoga

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  2. Calee Himes

    I’m SO in. I also like the 101 yoga poses app for iPad, iPod and iPhone. It’s ugly, but it’s got routines, 101 poses (as the name implies) and you can set it to randomize. I set my timer on my phone to go with it.

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