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Are you listening?

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Are you listening? I mean, really, truly listening?  Chances are, the answer to that question is no. And you’re not alone. I’ve failed to listen too. We all have.  We get busy with the hustle and bustle of life, of other people’s opinions, of the big shiny objects and we ignore the voices telling us we’re going the wrong way,… Read more »

On An Island

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I wish this was about me physically being on an island, soaking in some sunshine, drinking a Pina Colada, and relaxing, but alas, that’s not quite the case. This is a different kind of island. The kind that makes you feel like you’re Tom Hanks in Castaway, except I’m spending my days talking things out with my dog instead of… Read more »

July 2020 Goals

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Anyone else in this total heatwave? The last couple weeks of straight 90+ degree days have been tough around here. I’ve learned this summer (maybe more than ever before) that I don’t enjoy the heat and in fact, it makes me quite cranky. haha! While I have a portable AC unit in my house, it’s not really enough to keep… Read more »

She Used to Be Mine

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I started blogging over 9 years ago. After enjoying reading blogs, I decided I wanted to dive into the world of blogging myself. It seemed fun and writing seemed like a great outlet. I look back on some of those old posts and cringe or giggle, but it’s also fun. The blog has taken many avenues over the years from… Read more »

June 2020 Intentions

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With so much happening in the world right now, finding the words to write this blog post feels a bit unnecessary, but words are how I’ve found clarity for so many years. While I’m not here to write out how I’m processing, learning, and trying to understand the events of the current climate of the world, my hope is that… Read more »

May 2020 Goals and Intentions

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What a month, right? April brought many things, including moments of joy and moments of complete heartache. I turned another year older, held my first virtual yoga class, set boundaries with my team for working remotely, celebrated Easter virtually with family, and mourned the loss of my cousin while isolated alone. It’s hard to wrap my head around everything, but… Read more »

5 Essential Oils for Grief

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I love essential oils. That’s something that you may or may not know about me. They are a part of my daily life in a multitude of ways. From my warm lemon water when I first wake up, to my morning and evening skincare routine, and down to the blend going in my diffuser while I sleep, it’s a part… Read more »