Awkward moment of the day…

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Going from living alone to having a roommate is bound to bring up a few awkward moments and this is something I was (and still am) prepared to have…and today brought one of those moments.
I worked 7-4, drove my manager home, went to the gym and came home.  I started my dinner in the oven while I took a quick shower (knowing I will probably be heading out at some point this evening) and when I ended my shower I thought I heard someone.  There is a window in my shower and my immediate reaction was to take a quick peak and make sure no one could see in…safe!
I decided a neighbor probably had their windows open and I heard them talking.  I went into my room to change and continued to hear weird noises…kind of a knocking but not really and it sounded really close.  Honestly, it was like one of those movie moments where a guy is outside throwing pebbles at the window to get some girls attention.  Get this!  IT WAS! 
My roommate has stepped out as I was getting home (I think to the gym?) and her boyfriend came by and when she didn’t answer the door, he started throwing pebbles at her window to get her attention.
I had gone downstairs to find out what was going on (and getting the confirmation of what I thought) and let him know she wasn’t home.  But it was awkward.  I don’t know him very well and my mind went on this quick anxiety of was I supposed to be nice and invite him in until she got home or let him wait outside like he said he was going to (I think that’s what he said)?  I chose for the waiting outside.  Something about having just gotten out of the shower + near stranger trying to get in, that just felt weird.  But then not letting him in (and my roommate coming home 5 minutes later to find her boyfriend waiting outside our building) that also felt weird.
Needless to say, I had my awkward moment of the day.
With that, I leave you with this picture of me taken at Gigi Yogini & Chad Moline’s Contact Yoga Class (photos by Fluid Frame Photography!) this past Thursday.  Some may call it beautiful, to me, it feels awkward.  I’m sensing a theme for today.