Baby, Games & A Tune

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What a marvelous weekend! Seriously, my heart is so full! I wasn’t feeling great Saturday afternoon (not sure what happened) and decided to take an easier short 2 mile run Sunday instead of the planned 14. With the terrible heat and humidity, no complaints on that.


But the real reason my heart is so full is that I became an aunt Sunday morning. One of my good friend’s Julie had a beautiful baby boy. I was on pins and needles since waking up to the text that she was on her way to the hospital and even more so once my roommate (her sister-in-law) was on her way to the hospital to meet the little guy but where the friends didn’t get the announcement yet. Talk about being crazy anxious.


Regardless, I’m so happy for her and her new little family and already love this little peanut!

games-logoDid anyone else spend their entire weekend watching the CrossFit Games? No…just me? Well, I don’t have any regrets! It’s been pretty freaking incredible to watch and I loved every minute! I find those individuals and teams so inspiring – from pulling that giant Bob Sled down the field to all the muscle-ups…I’m seriously impressed, inspired and extremely motivated. I know my body can do incredible things and I’m excited to see how I can continue to grow and improve as an athlete. I may never (probably won’t) make it to the games (and that’s okay), it’s just a reminder to keep pushing myself to become an even better version of ME!

Congrats to ALL of the athletes at the games!

My friend Nicole and I have already decided we want to go watch next year’s games in-person…how fun will that be?!


Anyway, since it’s Monday, I need to leave you with a little music so here’s a fun one for your workout or running playlist. “Go Down Smooth” by Lake Street Dive.



Did you watch the CrossFit Games at all this weekend?

Give me a favorite from your workout playlist right now?

8 thoughts on “Baby, Games & A Tune

    1. Katie Post author

      We ARE planning on it! It just sounds too fun to pass. My friend went a couple years ago and said it was awesome!

  1. Tina Muir

    Awesome! I did not realize the cross fit games were on TV, I would have actually watched cause then I could fully understand it. I know I would appreciate it more then too. I do not really listen to music when I run as I need to focus on what I am doing, but I love to lift to music. Favorite song right now to lift to? Pocketful of sunshine…I know thats old and cheesy haha!

    1. Katie Post author

      Sometimes I wish I were the runner that could run without music, but it just doesn’t work. Music is my life and helps me focus and get out of me head sometimes…especially when running. 😉

  2. Chris @ ifailedfran

    I also spent the majority of my weekend streaming the Games! It was awesome! Those athletes are incredible. I was happy for Camille and I was totally yelling at my TV urging Rich on! I can’t wait for the 2015 Open now!

    1. Katie Post author

      Those athletes are AMAZING! I had a terrible run this morning and kind of battling a potential sickness so I went to see my chiro this morning and he walks up to me and says “is the marathon cancelled?! You’re going to train for the CrossFit games instead, right?” …he must be crazy! 😉

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