Back on Track!

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I must admit, I have loved the onslaught of support this post has been given. I’ve seen it shared and favorited and commented on and it’s just filled my heart with joy. I hope by my sharing how I’m able to scale CrossFit for me, others won’t be so afraid to try it. I know CrossFit isn’t going to be every person’s favorite, but I hate to see people shy away from it out of fear or feeling like they aren’t good enough. I understand the feeling as I too was once there.


Anyway, you’ll all be happy to know that not only did I take some rest this week, I took TWO days of rest! Had to make up for last week. But in all seriousness, my body has been feeling strong and capable and I feel like I’m working out within my means which is what’s important.

Photo from Blend taken by Lindsay's husband Travis - my awesome team for the group GPP bootcamp!

Photo from Blend taken by Lindsay‘s husband Travis – my awesome team for the group GPP bootcamp!

Friday 6/13



Saturday 6/14



Sunday 6/15

7 mile run


Monday 6/16

Back squat: 3rm 100#

WOD for time:

400m run / 10 burpees / 20 front squats (35#) / 3 rope climbs (20 pull-ups with green & purple band) / 20 front squats / 10 burpees / 400m run – 11:34


Tuesday 6/17

5 press/5 push press/5 push jerk – 35# every 2:00 for 6:00

WOD for time:

5 rounds: 12 deadlifts/9 hang power cleans/6 push jerk – 35# 7:50 (10# heavier than foundations class 4 & only a little over 1 mins longer)

3 mile run


Wednesday 6/18

strength: bench press – 5-5-5+ w/ 10 back extensions btwn each set – 65#

WOD for time: “Annie”


Double Unders (I scaled w/ single unders 100-80-60-40-20)


time: 11:20


Thursday 6/19

5 mile run


I must admit, I reaaaaalllllyy wanted to go to CrossFit yesterday morning but after I was taken down with the worst migraine in months on Wednesday (hence no post yesterday), when I woke up Thursday morning, I knew I needed to stick with my original plan of a 5 mile run and not overdue it. But they were doing tire flips and HELLO how AWESOME does that sound?! I’ll be there next time…no excuses!

Photo from Blend via Lindsay's husband, Travis! (not the most flattering but whatevs!)

Photo from Blend via Lindsay‘s husband, Travis! (not the most flattering but whatevs!)

I’m trying to figure out what my weekend of workouts will look like as my box is celebrating it’s 4 year anniversary on Saturday and I imagine a semi-late night with a few drinks and let’s be real, that’s not really the best fuel for a long run Sunday morning. 😉


How was your training this week?
How are you planning to stay active this weekend?

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  1. Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome

    Ahhh rest. The most unused workout tool. I’m not that great at always taking it but when I do, my body appreciates me so much more! Glad to see you’re loving Crossfit and making it work for you!

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