Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

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When I started this blog nearly 4 (!!!) years ago, I didn’t know where it would go, what direction it would take or where my life was headed. That’s a big reason for the title and by-line. This is my journey and it’s forever changing. I’m not trying to fit into anyone else’s mold, I’m making the mold of ME and I’m living MY life in the best possible way.

So it got me thinking – why am I allowing my blog and my content not to be true to me? Why am I allowing other things, people, worries to hold me back from showing my true self on here? If I’m doing it on here, then I must also be doing it in my everyday life – why?

Is it fear?

Is it worry that others won’t like me if they see the true me?

Is it concern that my own family would look at me differently?

Is it thinking my “numbers” will drop?

Is it something else or something more?

Quite honestly, what I’ve concluded is that it’s a combination of all of the above and then some, really. And quite honestly, it’s just not something that I’m okay with.


I’m 27 (nearly 28) years-old. I’m single. I’m living out of an RV as I travel the country raising money for charity (50StatesInAYear). It was the craziest idea I’ve ever dreamed up and despite people telling me I couldn’t or shouldn’t do that, I listened to the part of me that couldn’t ignore the idea and pushed through. <-That’s me.

So why hide it? 

Why fill myself with worry or fear?

Why carry the burden of whether someone will like me or not?

Why let numbers dictate me being myself?

As part of my 2015 goal to be unapologetically myself, I’m learning to let down those walls and barriers. I’m shifting the content of Talk Less, Say More back to me and what I have and want to SAY; I’m focusing on the things I love and what I’m good at; I’m sharing things that impact me; I’m writing about what I’m passionate about; I’m bringing back Fitness Friday (and not caring if no one actually links up or if it takes months for people to realize it); I’m going to start sharing secrets that while hard to talk about or admit are a part of me or have helped shape me.


Because it’s only when I’m being truly myself, that I’ll find the things in life I’m still looking for; I’ll find the love; I’ll find the community; I’ll find the location to call home; I’ll find the direction of my career; I’ll find the financial establishment; I’ll find any and all success that my heart desires.

This blog is MY story and I’m going to SHARE it!

9 thoughts on “Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

  1. Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut

    Yes! This!! It’s challenging to have a blog and put yourself out there…and it’s hard to have the balance of writing something that is interesting or helpful to others AND to yourself! I think I’ve definitely been on both ends of the spectrum from hurting others because I felt like sharing something on my blog to conforming too strongly to what I THINK others want.

    Hope your travels are going well! Text me any time! 🙂

  2. Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

    Hi there, Katie! Had to come read this one, and I’m glad I did. I think it’s pretty brave of you to be taking on the adventure that you are in your real life! It’s something you’ll remember and talk about when you’re old and grey, I’m sure. And when it comes to this space — you’ve got to be you, and blogging would not be fun if we all had to be stifled. So write what you love and don’t be scared. We’re behind you! 🙂

  3. Chris

    No doubt! This is YOUR space. Trying to conform to what we think other people expect of us… there’s not much that’s more stressful! I hear you on your fear thing, that’s what I wrote about! All the naysayers (mostly just in my head)… gotta ignore them or find a way to silence them. That’s my task this year. If I do that (and you too) then I think we will have the best year of our lives!

  4. Katie

    Amen! I decided to add a link up to each of my “chance chats” this year (last year was peace perspective) and while its only been one week I’ve considered not doing the link up anymore….but you’re helping me realize, it doesn’t really matter if anyone links up or not. Its not that much work to add it on, so I may as well do it and see what happens!

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