Birthday Treats

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Birthdays are all about treating ones self, am I right? To take time for yourself to do something that you need, to relax and to spend time with those you care about. Life on the road and when you share a birthday with the person you’re on the road with, it kind of changes things up a bit. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it changes things.


The plan was to spend the weekend in Napa Valley, enjoying delicious wines, relaxing and spending time with Sam’s mom who was flying out for the weekend. In reality it was non-stop; fun, but non-stop.

From hot air balloon rides…


…to massages and pedicures…


…to many delicious meals out and some birthday treats…


…and wine, of course!


Quite honestly, my favorite part was just enjoying the scenery. While sitting at one winery in St. Helena, the views were just gorgeous and while the wine was all amazing, what I really wanted to do was sit outside, write and breathe it all in. The views were just stunning.


To count the number of treats this past weekend is nearly impossible, but regardless, it was a great day and great weekend celebrating.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Treats

  1. Katie

    did you seriously take that last photo with the shadow of the balloon? Gorgeous! What a perfect way to treat yourself!!!

  2. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    You just lived my dream weekend… wine, Napa Valley, pedicures, good food, wine, gorgeous scenery, wine… Did I mention wine?! 😉 So glad you all had a fabulous time! You are working so hard this year and definitely deserve time to relax and treat yourself. Happy late birthday!

    1. Katie Post author

      Haha! It was a great weekend, though we didn’t drink nearly as much wine as most people would probably drink in a weekend. But it was still absolutely amazing and I want to go back!

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