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As bloggers, it’s easy to get swept up in needing everything to look perfect for our posts and social media but I’m here today to tell you, it’s not always perfect!

The behind the scenes is always fun, especially as a part-time blogger working with minimal equipment and extra space to work.

My coffee table is a part-time TV stand, part-time coffee table and part-time photo studio.


And while our photos may look put together and clean, things aren’t always clean…things get messy. A lot messy. 😉

So enjoy the behind the scenes, the mess and the creative ways to make things work.


Meanwhile, if you’re a blogger, I want to know how you make things work behind the scenes?

22 thoughts on “Blogger Behind The Scenes

    1. Katie Post author

      I’ve been meaning to get some white poster board to make a similar setup but haven’t yet. Thanks for the reminder! 😉

  1. Flight & Scarlet

    Hahah this is too true! I like to think my blog looks pretty but the room I’m working in… that’s another story! (Never mind the sweats I’m in and the state of my hair!) Thanks for sharing this little reminder… we do all look pretty “perfect” online but the behind the scenes is funny to think about!

  2. Sara McCarty

    Yep, this is my life too! I take photos next to our back door on the floor, usually surrounded by kids, crumbs and toys. I almost ALWAYS have to photoshop dog hair out of my pictures! Such is life!

  3. Bethany

    I photograph next to the window on top of my daughter’s play stove and yes, it’s always messy! Amazing how you can manipulate things to look a million times cooler than they are but hey, we’re bloggers, it’s what we do right??
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  4. Carrie

    Your post made me laugh because it is so true! My kids make fun of some of the places that I put food in order to get good shots of it! Anything in our house is a potential prop or backdrop!! Love this!

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