Bloggers Don’t Turn Down Froyo

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I mentioned that Amanda was coming to town over the weekend to run the Pretty Muddy mud run (more on that tomorrow!) but it was also her boyfriend’s birthday weekend so he came with and we turned it into a big weekend of fun!


They got to town Friday night and as soon as they arrived, we made our way for pizza! It wasn’t “Chicago style” but we went to a local favorite of mine that has baskets of peanuts on each table and where you get to throw the shells on the floor. Sometimes it’s nice to get a little messy. I failed at taking a picture of my pizza but it was delicious – peppers, mushrooms, and no cheese. Mm!


After we got home and showered post-mud run, we were hungry! They decided tacos sounded good so we made our for Mexican until they spotted Bonefish and decided we needed to pull an audible so they could get some bang bang shrimp. I’m not one to turn down Bonefish..and in fact, we all still got tacos!

tacosI went for the tilapia tacos with a side salad. SO good!


After walking around for a bit, we decided healthy living bloggers are supposed to get frozen yogurt when they get together and we’re not one to break the rules. 😉

froyoamandaThey made me a blueberry sorbet as a dairy-free option which I topped with more blueberries, strawberries and some chocolate chips and sprinkles. It was so good!!

froyoAfter we came back to my place to rest a bit and ended up watching Sharknado…it was really stupid but made for a good laugh. Pretty sure I also kept dozing in and out of sleep while it was on.


When it was time to go meet up with Dave’s friends for dinner, I was exhausted and my head was pounding so I stayed home, ate my leftover cold pizza and went to bed. I was so sad to lose a few more hours to hang out with one of my blend BFFs, but I knew it was what I needed to do.


It was a fun weekend with great company and delicious food, who can ask for anything more?


On a side note – thank you ALL for your support on yesterday’s post! This really is the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken and while scary, my heart believes this is right and that I’m putting myself in a place to make a huge impact. I couldn’t be more stoked!

What yummy things have you eaten lately?

What’s your favorite froyo topping?

6 thoughts on “Bloggers Don’t Turn Down Froyo

    1. Katie Post author

      Mmmm I wish I could do cheesecake bites (darn lactose intolerance!) but I always loved the cookie dough ones! 🙂

  1. Tina Muir

    Awesome! You are so much more disciplined with your froyo toppings, you should see mine I put on IG last week, it was piled so high with every form of cookie dough-candy-sprinkle that you couldn’t even tell there was ice cream under that mountain (that overfilled the cup….oops). I wish I could bring myself to put fruit on, but I just can’t! hey, its my one treat….and 80 miles a week means calories can be ignored haha. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    1. Katie Post author

      haha! Since they had to make my sorbet, the filled the cup and there wasn’t much room for toppings so I was better behaved. I wanted more chocolate chips but there was no room without them ending up on the ground… 😉

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