Boredom Buster Workout

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It’s time to get ahead.  And I don’t mean anything political – the election is over and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping all the political talk can stop and we can come together as a nation, no matter who you voted for or how you feel about Obama.

What I’m talking about is my to-do list, my writing, my studying, my life.  Please excuse me if any posts get shorter, it takes me longer to respond to comments or emails (that’s already been happening…sorry!), or in general I seem like I’ve disappeared.

See, I set the date. And I’m afraid to tell you because if I have to postpone, I’ll feel slightly ashamed, but the thing is, telling you makes me accountable.  So I’m telling you.  I set the date for personal training exam and if you’ll send me positive vibes and happy thoughts for the next couple weeks and even more on Wednesday, November 21st, I’ll be forever grateful.

And if you need me before then, I can assure you, I’m in one of these places:

(serving coffee so bills can still get paid)

(multi-tasking studying at the gym)

(studying in one of my numerous study locations)

(& sleeping)

Probably not too much of latter.  It’s go-time.

So to ensure no one feels neglected, I’ve put together a Boredom Buster Elliptical Workout.  You see, I had 60 minutes cross-training on my plan late last week and while I understand 60 minutes on an elliptical (or bike or stair master or whatever) may not seem like the most thrilling way to spend an hour, I assure you with a good book or magazine (or CPT notes 😉 ) and this workout, it’ll fly by.  In fact, I thought about adding to it because I was on a roll.

Good news is, you can easily shorten this workout just by reducing the time you’re in each phase.  Enjoy!

And I have to say that what I’m thankful for today is ALL OF YOU!  You all leave me such wonderful and encouraging comments every day.  I started this blog not really expecting anyone to read it (hoping, but not expecting).  So thank you for all of your encouraging words.  I hope to make you all proud on November 21st.


What are you #thankfulfor today?

Any study tips? Seriously…give ‘em to me!

6 thoughts on “Boredom Buster Workout

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      I have split up cardio to do multiple machines, but that’s mostly to prevent boredom on one.. 😉

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