Breaking and entering is not my forte

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I sent my managers an email 5 minutes ago and included that exact statement.  I won’t lie.  I tried to break into my apartment building tonight.  You would have too if you were me.
Let me set the stage:
It’s after 1AM.  I’m just getting home from work and grabbing a drink and hanging out with some coworkers.  I know the lock on the front door currently doesn’t work so we have to use the side doors of the building (I don’t use these doors, especially at night because it freaks me out, especially being a female).  I put my key in the lock and it won’t budge.  I try it again.  I try another key.  I try it again.  I try each key over and over and over.  I start crying.  Freaked out.  I start texting the people I was out with.  I start texting and calling friends who live in the neighborhood to see if they’re still up.  One of my coworkers texts me back immediately, that he’s on his way and to send my address ASAP.
By the time he gets to me, I’ve returned to the parking garage, standing in a pool of my tears.  Standing outside at night / really early in the morning is not safe, especially as a female.  It’s my worst nightmare screaming out at me.  
The number I have for the on-site management rings a few times and then goes to the FAX MACHINE!  This is the number I have always used to call them (though I haven’t called them in a while) and now it’s failing me.
My friend and I are standing outside trying to jimmy the lock open.  It’s not working.  We’re breaking tiny screwdrivers he had in his car.  We’re breaking a key for an extra lock that I have.  It’s just not working.  He goes back to his car to look for a normal sized screwdriver and I went back to the side door to make another attempt with my key when    the door suddenly opened with my key.  
Management just got an email from me explaining what I went through.  Including that we HAD to resort to trying to jimmy the lock.  And we failed.  And clearly, breaking and entering is not my forte. 
I’m over exhausted and now must sleep this off.  I’m so glad I get a day off tomorrow.