Breaking Out of My Food Rut

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I must admit, I’ve been in a food rut lately. It happens from time to time as I find some of my favorite foods and just can’t get enough of them…well, at least until I’ve had enough. 😉 And while I LOVE salads, I wasn’t giving myself enough variety and started to burn out. It was time to start changing things up and while I’ve been really good at meal planning, it was time to start planning better with some variety. It was almost like Nasoya knew that when they reached out to me to try their new Tofu Plus.


Sadly there’s no Tofu Plus in a 50 mile radius of me (how sad!) but there is tofu, have no fear! When I got the coupons from Nasoya in the mail, I started brainstorming what I’d like to make. I have a few favorite tofu recipes from over the years but I wanted to try something new – hello, trying to get out of my rut! I scoured the internet and found this recipe for Peanutty Quinoa Bowls with Baked Tofu from Oh My Veggies. It was exactly what I was looking for!

1655930_10100119293451969_1066859090_nAnd it lived up to the deliciousness I anticipated! I doubled the recipe so I could get a few more dinners out of it. It was so easy, so delicious and I kept wishing for more than 2 pieces of the baked tofu each night (darn, portion control…)! 😉


Thank you to Nasoya for the coupons, not just for me but for YOU too! After loving my dinner so much, Nasoya offered to host a giveaway so you could enjoy a delicious tofu dinner too! (US only, sorry international friends!)

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Whether you win the giveaway or not, I highly recommend checking out the recipe linked above, one of the other drool-worthy tofu recipes I have on my Food [Tofu] Pinterest Board or from the Nasoya website. It’s time to change up your meals, friends and break out of that rut!


Are you a tofu fan?

What’s your favorite tofu recipe?


[Disclaimer: Nasoya sent me coupons free of charge for the tofu in exchange for a review + giveaway. As always, all opinions are my own.]

6 thoughts on “Breaking Out of My Food Rut

  1. Kate @ Coffee with Kate

    I have only tried tofu ONCE at a restaurant on a sandwich. I really want to experiment with making/baking it on my own especially in stir frys and with veggies. I’m a vegetarian so it would be a great way to mix up my protein intake!

    1. Katie Post author

      Get on it, girl!! I don’t eat it all that often but I do enjoy it as another vegetarian protein option from time to time!

  2. Kim @ Racing Bananas

    I’ve been debating cooking with tofu for awhile now! I’ve had it out and like it, but for some reason I never cook with it at home. The recipe you made sounds delicious – well, anything that “peanutty” does!

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