Bring Sally Up Plank Challenge

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A couple weeks ago in my usual Saturday morning yoga class, my abs got a not so usual burn that they never saw coming! They hurt-so-good for the next couple days and I immediately knew I needed to share this with you all.

As I started to do some searching, I found that this has not only been used in the plank challenge that I did, but others have used it for push-ups, squats, hip bridges, lunges, pretty much anything!

So how does it work?


You start in a low plank, then every time the lyrics say “bring sally up,” you move into a high plank, and every time the lyrics say “bring sally down,” you return to that low plank again.

Now, keep in mind, this is over 3 minutes, so while tempting to stay on your toes the whole time, if you can’t, just drop to your knees and continue. You’ll still feel the burn and can work your way up to the whole song.

The below video I found shows this challenge perfectly!

Are you up for the challenge?

19 thoughts on “Bring Sally Up Plank Challenge

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  2. Katie

    I’m off to my favorite saturday morning yoga class where this is the instructor’s go to move. Except instead of holding plank during the verses, we do dolphin planks. freaking love it!
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    1. Katie Post author

      5 minutes?! Dang, girl! I always feel like I get bored after about 90 seconds and mentally can’t keep holding. ha!

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