BRTR Training Week 2

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Another week has come to an end, can you believe it? With SXSW happening this week (my thoughts go out to those and their families impacted by someone’s poor decision!), work was generally quiet. I had a few things to tend to but otherwise it was just a lot of getting my bearings and catch up. It was kind of nice but I definitely like to be busy so I’m looking forward to the weeks to come which I’ve been warned will probably be very busy. Is that weird?

1912388_10100126792713389_1418446915_nI’m off to Oklahoma for my cousin’s wedding which is bound to be a fun weekend with lots of family and celebrating. I’m also looking forward to meeting his soon-to-be wife. I also clearly know how to travel in style… 😉 (P.S. That picture is totally from my trip to Kansas City last month…)


This week also marked my second week of training for the Boston Run to Remember 1/2 Marathon. My legs have been pretty sore all week and talking myself into taking the time to stretch and do yoga has been especially difficult. I’ve been extra exhausted this week too so I’ve been trying to get to bed a bit earlier when I can.

Friday 3/7
Saturday 3/8
15 mins elliptical
15 mins stairs 
+ Abs
Sunday 3/9
20 mins Jillian Michaels Shred Level 2
Monday 3/10
2.52 mile run
Tuesday 3/11
Strength – total body & abs
30 mins walk 
Wednesday 3/12
3 mile run
TIU best abs
Thursday 3/13
3 mile run

Regardless, it’s been an incredible week of workouts and I more than earned today’s REST day! 🙂


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a plane to catch…

Big plans for your weekend? Tell me about them!

How were your workouts this week?

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