BRTR Week 11 / CrossFit Week 1

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I have to admit, I’m feeling on top of the world with my workouts this week!

Totally Excited Bathroom Selfie #SorryNotSorry ;)

Totally Excited Bathroom Selfie #SorryNotSorry 😉

I had 5 miles on the agenda for yesterday and while I could only push through 2, I knew it was because my body needed more time to recover from my workout the night before and I didn’t get down on myself about it. What a refreshing feeling!


And guys, I’m so happy right now that I signed up for foundations at my local CrossFit box! Part of me was afraid that would happen (the part of me that knows how much this costs…) and part of me is really surprised. I’m not the girl who usually does well with super fast workouts so I’ve surprised myself that I’ve enjoyed the WODs so much, but like I said yesterday, I have!


I’ve also surprised myself by doing pretty well at the workouts, while still not comparing myself to those around me. I recognize where my fitness is, where I excel and where I have room to improve…that whole self-awareness thing really pays off here. 😉

Friday 5/9



Saturday 5/10

2 mile walk


Sunday 5/11

9.2 mile run


Contrary to what some may believe, I do NOT return looking as cute as when I leave for a workout. ;)

Contrary to what some may believe, I do NOT return looking as cute as when I leave for a workout. 😉

Monday 5/12

Strength & stretching

20 mins walk

CrossFit foundations – Day 1

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 4.42.22 PM

Tuesday 5/13

5 mile run 


Wednesday 5/14

CrossFit foundations – Day 2

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 4.42.32 PM

Thursday 5/15

2 mile run


Definitely a week worth celebrating! And coming up this Sunday…my final long run before my 3rd half marathon – EEK!!


How were your workouts this week?

Any big plans for the weekend?

Somehow my Sunday got BOOKED – I’m exhausted just thinking of it but at least it should all be fun!

8 thoughts on “BRTR Week 11 / CrossFit Week 1

  1. Captain Competition

    I haven’t yet taken the plunge into CrossFit (because of the expense) but I think it would be awesome. Great to see that you enjoy it. Those are some impressive run distances given your other workouts for the week.
    BTW I nominated you for a Liebster Award, check it out on my latest post.

    1. Katie Post author

      It is a bit of an expense which was something that held me back for awhile too but when I was feeling like I was going through the motions in my workouts, PLUS I’m all about putting my health/fitness as a priority in my life which includes my expenses, I figured it was worth it to make the investment to at least TRY it and then decide from there what I want to do.
      BTW-thank you! 🙂

  2. Alex @ Alex Tries it Out

    My workouts were splendid, thanks for asking :).

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Crossfit so much!! Hold on to the not comparing yourself thing. That’s one of my struggles with Crossfit some days :). But I still love it.

    1. Katie Post author

      I’m sure I’ll have the days when I struggle with it, especially once I join the regular classes and everyone else is lifting more or going faster but I plan to remind myself I’m STARTING OUT and listening to my body and what is best for it.

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