How To Build A Mason Jar Salad

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I’m a bit of a meal prep junkie and honestly, as life seems to just get busier and busier, I become even more of one week by week. Over the weekend, my aunt asked me when my cookbook is coming out and I said “well, I just cook for one single lady and eat the same thing for a whole week” and she said “that’s okay.” It got me thinking, while I may not have a cookbook in the works, you all may be interested in seeing some more of what I eat in a week and how I plan and prep my meals for ease.

Like these Mason Jar Kale Salads for instance. They couldn’t be easier or tastier!

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You start with your “wet” ingredients and various toppings at the bottom:

  • Dressing
  • Onion
  • Sweet Peppers
  • Pine Nuts

Then you fill the jar with kale and close shut. I swear it couldn’t be simpler.

Now I’ll be honest, I don’t personally add the dressing to the jars when I prep them, but you can. Since I usually just do a very basic olive oil and vinegar or some other homemade dressing, I tend to just pour that on top in the morning as I throw everything into my lunch bag. In my opinion, this allows enough time for the kale to soak in some of that delicious dressing but where it doesn’t get weirdly brown (this is potentially more in my head than what actually happens – ha!).

When it comes lunch time at work, just shake up your jar and either eat right out of the jar or pour salad onto a plate to enjoy. I usually do the latter and then top with some avocado for healthy fats. Yum!

Have you ever made a mason jar salad? What are your favorite salad ingredients?

16 thoughts on “How To Build A Mason Jar Salad

    1. Katie Post author

      If it’s too complicated or takes too long, I totally won’t do it. I know myself well enough with that regard. haha

    1. Katie Post author

      Exactly! I’m often making coworkers jealous over my healthy lunches, little do they know how easy they are!

    1. Katie Post author

      Girl, I bought the BIG ones!! Those small jar salads just wouldn’t cut it but these ones hold a LOT!

  1. Michelle

    This mason jar salad can save my life since I have so busy days. I should try this very soon 🙂

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