Burpee Ab Shred

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There’s no denying the fact that I enjoy creating butt-kicking workouts.

There’s no denying that I enjoy kicking my own butt at the gym.

And there’s no denying that I plan to continue doing so for quite some time.


And lucky for you, I have another one for you today.  And I find it to be so butt kicking, I’ve found it hard to finish – it’s those darn Burpees!  But I’m in it to win it with my December 2012 Burpee Challenge and that means I’m incorporating more burpees into my workouts than I have in quite some time.  And I’m hating loving every moment. 😉

Please remember that you can increase or decrease the number of burpees at a time to fit your level of fitness.  If you’re the queen of burpees, bump it up; if you’re new the burpee, (i’m sorry), start with 5 at a time; and if it’s been awhile since you’ve done burpees, start low and build up.


You can do it!


And when it gets tough, just keep in mind that I did FitMixer Bootcamp’s 100 Burpee workout on Friday and I survived! 😉

How do you feel about burpees?

5 thoughts on “Burpee Ab Shred

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