Busy busy busy!

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Today has been non-stop! I was hoping I’d have time to blog earlier but I didn’t and my flight was used for trying to rest + a little sleeping. 

Last night in NYC, I got to see a bunch of my friends: Ida, Tina, Jilly, Jay, Laura and (of course) Lisa.  Ida and I went for dinner and I met the rest for drinks after. It wasn’t a late night but I also knew since it was my last night to see my friends it wouldn’t be an early one, let alone an early enough one to meet the needs of someone catching a 7am flight. 

3 or so hours of sleep later and I was flagging down a taxi on the upper east side of manhattan. I had planned to take the subway but knowing my easiest route was down until 5am (the time I needed to be at the airport), I decided it was best to pay (significantly) more money to make travel easier and a bit safer in the wee hours of the morning. 

After landing, getting my baggage, waiting for the Super Shuttle and getting dropped off at home, it was already 11am. I took a quick shower, ate a bowl of cereal and finished up some web work and headed off to work.  

It’s a late night at work with a quick turnaround to be back in the morning and I know there’s no time to blog when I get home if I have hopes to hit the gym before work. I plan to fill you all in on my lovely trip in more detail, especially the HLS events so hang tight, I promise it’s coming!

I’m also taking suggestions on a new slr camera since this weekend made me realize I want to kick things up a notch!  I have ideas brewing in my head and there’s plenty of potential in my future! Night folks!