By changing nothing, nothing changes.

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Here’s the thing…

I wrote up a post, stared at it for an hour, scrolled Facebook, came back to it, and deleted the whole darn thing.


Because it felt pointless. 

I wanted to catch you up on a few things in my life (which it did) but it felt boring and uninspired and that’s not the kind of content I want to share here.

During my scroll through Facebook, I was triggered by a friend’s post and coming back after that, I just couldn’t share what I originally wrote.

What I do want to share today, which was also in the original post, is this quote by Tony Robbins:

By changing nothing, nothing changes.

-Tony Robbins

Think on that today; let that sink into your bones; from there, take action and make change.

Not sure if there’s something not working that requires change? There’s a post for that.