Cards, Apps and Yoga

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Let me tell you something that just MADE my day yesterday!  I worked 1-10, which felt like the longest night of my life.  But then I went out for a bit to celebrate a coworkers birthday.  It was fun and I stayed a little bit longer than I planned on, but that was fine, it just made for a difficult time waking up this morning.  But I got home, grabbed my mail and walked into my apartment.  It was late but a quick flip through the mail and I saw that one of my really good friends (who lives down the street) sent me a card to make me feel better with everything that’s been going on.  It made me so happy! Thanks Justine!
Especially since I work at Apple and I’m always surrounded by technology and people talking technology and apps, I always feel like I’m on the hunt for the newest and coolest apps out there.  Though, I feel like my phone does a lot of what I want it to (aside from the fact that I need to restore it because it is slooooowwww).  But after this past weekend, my anxiety was particularly high and I browsing through the App Store on my phone kept me mildly distracted.  Upon searching I found an app called Morsel (I think it’s powered by GE) designed to “help people stay healthy by recommending simple, attainable tasks for users to complete each day.”  I love the concept and it was totally free!  Today’s “morsel” had me link my fingers behind my head and stretch my elbows back for 5 seconds and forward for 5 seconds, then repeat 5 times.  It was simple but it was like a quick moment of yoga or meditation, allowing me to focus on myself and breathe.  I’ll try to share some fun apps each week, how does that sound? 🙂
Speaking of yoga, I think it is in my very near future for this evening.  I.Can.Not.Wait.  It’s needed.  It’s so weird because every day I try to take off from the gym or exercise, it feels like something is missing.  …because it is!  So I’ll do a light 20 minute flow that will hopefully relax me and make me feel good. 
My brain also keeps going back and forth, continuing my reassurance in my plan to make no decisions right now.  When I’m ready…  When I’m ready…  When I’m ready…
And right now I’m ready for 20 minutes of yoga followed by my warm bed.  G’night folks.