Catch Up Tuesday

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Helllloooooo friends!

Let’s grab a cup of coffee and catch up a bit over life, shall we?


1 – Have I told you about my friend Tina’s wedding in September? I’m in the wedding and finally bought my dress a couple weeks ago! I’m so excited!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 6.33.45 PM

2 – The other week we got a break at White Sands in New Mexico. It was absolutely gorgeous but the best part was that this was at the end of a really busy week so after spending a little time sitting in the sand, I got in a 2-3 hour nap in the RV and woke up just in time to catch the sunset.


3 – Getting a few hours at the Grand Canyon was also perfect. It was beautiful and relaxing and so fun. We couldn’t stop taking photos in different yoga poses.


4 – Friday we had a last minute event which worked out perfectly because it meant that I got to complete 15.4. I had higher hopes for my performance on this one but ultimately, I did what I could and that’s all I can ask of myself and my body so for that, I’m happy.

IMG_90015 – I’m sure there’s more I should catch you up on but that’s about all I’ve got for now. My birthday is coming up so if you want to help make my 28th birthday special, just follow & share 50 States In A Year with everyone you know. I’m really quite easy to please. 😉