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what’s keeping me from my new phone

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If it requires me to use my brain and think, it’s not happening today.  Quite honestly, we’re lucky I’ve been able to do anything at all. I opened at work this morning and was thankfully fairly productive in the morning but despite that, it was evident that I was beyond exhausted.  So much so my managers told me to leave… Read more »

So much to say, yet so little

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Did you realize it’s possible to have so much to say yet not have anything to say?  Because that’s how I’ve felt the past couple days.  As a certain bad mood was lingering longer than welcome, I found myself wanting to write about those things.  But at the same time, I want to keep this blog upbeat, while still allowing… Read more »

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

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You don’t have to have known him.  You don’t have to have even met him.  You don’t have to have ever worked for his company.  He had an impact on the world.  And chances are you found out on one of his devices. I’m glad I was at work when I found out.  Quite honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted… Read more »

Geekin’ Out

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To say I’m geekin’ out over here would be an understatement.  We know I’m a tech-nerd; I work at Apple, it’s almost a given.  And just like all of the other tech-nerds out there, any day Apple has an announcement (or the current WWDC event) you know I’m definitely excited to hear what’s going to be said. I worked today… Read more »