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Making Choices

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If you’ve been reading for awhile, you may remember that time last year when I decided to go back to school.  If you’ve been reading for a little while, you may remember when I decided I couldn’t afford that idea anymore and had to stop. You may remember that my idea was to go back to school to get my… Read more »


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CELEBRATION!! Am I over-reacting?  Okay maybe just a bit but I just finished taking my Anatomy & Physiology final and I couldn’t be happier.  I have to take a semester off because I can’t afford to continue taking classes (sad that I’m in that place after one semester) but I’m also using it to ensure I want to keep doing… Read more »

Fitness Friday

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With my going back to school to get my Certificate in Fitness Instruction, I thought I should start sharing more about the steps I take to stay healthy.  I generally talk a bit about going for a run, to yoga or some other gym trip but I don’t often share any details about my exercise routine.  Maybe you’re not interested,… Read more »

Another Day

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Another day of work completed.  Another pile of stuff dropped at the new apartment.  Another day of breathing. More blog posts being planned.  More thoughts being had.  More music to get through it all. Speaking of music, I’d like to share Death Cab for Cutie’s new single “You Are a Tourist” from their recently released Codes and Keys album.  Good… Read more »

Mission Accomplished!!

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Did you expect anything different? 🙂 Source 30 Days in a row. 90 mins per day.  2,700 minutes total. That’s a lot of yoga.  That’s a lot of breathing.  That’s a lot of healing. Source And I must tell you, I feel amazing! I definitely ended on a great note with an amazing class this evening.  I wish we were… Read more »

My Announcement!

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I have been trying to hold this secret in for as long as I possibly could but the excitement is just building up inside of me too much and I can’t wait to share! It’s something I’ve been thinking about for awhile but haven’t really been able to push the thought away.  My initial instinct was this thought was my… Read more »