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Our Belated Christmas

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Our Christmas may have occurred late and a bit out of order, but we are doing all we can to keep it as we know it.  This morning we decided it was Christmas.  Generally this is where I’d wake up to my parents busy cooking morning brunch but instead we all packing into the car and headed off to breakfast… Read more »

Music Monday

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Because Christmas was only yesterday and to me Christmas isn’t until later this week when I’m home in Illinois with my family, I’m staying on Christmas music this week.  In fact it’s all about my favorite Christmas movie, A White Christmas. It’s a tradition to watch this movie every year and I haven’t seen it yet!  Thankfully, my mom and… Read more »

Not Home for the Holidays – Part 2

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Well the afternoon may not have turned out exactly as I thought it may, but I’m not complaining.  Overall, I think I can call it a good Christmas. Source Obviously, if I was able to be home with my family and partaking in our usual Christmas traditions, it’d be that much better but I made the most of what I… Read more »

Not Home for the Holidays – Part 1

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Merry Christmas Everyone! There’s nothing easy about not being home for Christmas, especially when you come from a family who makes it last an entire week.  But this year (to my family’s dismay), I made the sacrifice and told my coworker she could go home and that I would stay here.  It hasn’t been easy and quite honestly, makes today… Read more »

A Retail Christmas

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The thing that really stinks about working retail is that holidays are almost non-existent, especially around Christmas time as it is our busiest time of the year.  Sometimes we’re able to have a few days off, other times, it’s just not in the stars.  Unfortunately, this year for me, it just couldn’t happen.  I get to go home a few… Read more »

My Top 5 Christmas Movies

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I’m not the kid who grew up watching A Christmas Story or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Christmas Vacation and if I did I don’t remember it.  And I only saw A Christmas Story because my aunt and uncle use to have it playing at their house on Christmas when we used to celebrate… Read more »

Foodie for a Day / Christmas Cookies

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We all know the holidays as a time when cookies and other delicious sweets start appearing more in our diets.  For me, getting to bake cookies is one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season. Growing up, my mom, sister, grandma and great aunt, used to all get together and spend the entire day baking a boat… Read more »