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Feb Photo A Day // The Final Wrap-Up

February has come and gone, and now we’re in March.  I’m hoping this month proves to be better than the past two have been for me.  Mentally, I need it to be. Anyway, with the end of February brought the end of FebPhotoADay and therefore I owe you the pictures from the last week.  I didn’t find the topics quite… Read more »

The Pajama Gang and a Feb Photo A Day Recap

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Yesterday was such a good day off.  I started my morning with a delicious bowl jar of oatmeal with bananas and sunflower butter and a cup of coffee.  After digesting a bit, I set off for the gym.  While I was kind of overwhelmed with all of the people there at nearly 11am (darn holiday!) and my muscles fatiguing so… Read more »

Feb Photo a Day Round-Up

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If I don’t talk about it we can pretend it’s not Valentine’s Day, right? Good. There has been a lot more photo taking this week as the #FebPhotoADay Challenge continues.  It’s been fun!  Enjoy! And just for the record, I’m not that anti-Valentine’s Day but I do think it’s very much a Hallmark holiday that allows us single folks to… Read more »

A Week of Photos // Feb Photo a Day

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You may remember me telling you about the February Photo a Day Challenge.  This has become more of a thing on Instagram than I even realized.  It’s definitely cool to be a part! I’ve been enjoying the challenge of taking more pictures (so much so you’ll see there are 2 photos for Day 2 – Words) and I’m looking forward… Read more »

Feb Photo-a-Day

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After hearing about the February Photo-a-Day Challenge the other day, I decided this sounded like a fun thing to try.  The challenge offers prompts to keep you inspired and motivated.  At the end of the month, I think it will be very interesting to look back and see what I saw and how I felt simply by the picture that… Read more »