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Go Gnarly! {A Review}

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I had been hearing about Gnarly Nutrition for awhile so when I found out they were going to be a sponsor at the Blend Retreat this year, I was really excited for the chance to try it out! As I mentioned the other week, I don’t include dairy in my diet and choose dairy-free protein powders for my post-workout recovery…. Read more »

#SayCheezecake with Daiya

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As you may or may not know, I can’t include dairy in my diet. I’ve been this way for the majority of my lifetime so it doesn’t really bother me but from time to time there are certain treats I’d love to enjoy like pizza with cheese or cheesecake for dessert. I learned many years ago that it just wasn’t… Read more »

Confession: That Time I Ate Bacon

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I have a confession. You’ll hear me out, won’t you? I’ve been vegetarian for 12 years…12! I stopped eating meat strictly because I didn’t like it so I still ate eggs and fish. Yeah, if I thought about when my fish was alive, I would get grossed out and couldn’t eat it, but ultimately, it all came down to taste…. Read more »

Eats From The Road

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For many people traveling means a lot of fast food and eating out and while we have had a few meals out with friends as we pass through their neck of the woods, a huge reason for getting the RV was so that Sam and I could cook healthy meals for ourselves. Not to mention save money by buying groceries…. Read more »

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

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With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I figure most of us probably have our meals planned out already but just in case you’re one of those running into the grocery store today picking up last minute items for the just pulled together menu. Or maybe you’re on your own this Thanksgiving and just looking for an easy, delicious and comforting meal. Or… Read more »

A Week Of No Nut Butter (GASP!)

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There’s no doubt that I love peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter…doesn’t matter, I love them all! Whether smeared on toast or a banana, as a dip for apples or celery, or just on a spoon, lately I felt like I was overdoing it a bit. I didn’t feel like I could simply cut back so instead I decided to… Read more »

AMRAP Bars (+ Giveaway)!

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For some reason I thought things would get simpler when I only had to focus on planning 50 States…hah! Was I ever mistaken! After a busy (and fun) weekend, I was excited to buckle down and really get my hands into planning. But my day yesterday had me running all over the place and even after a great meeting with… Read more »