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Gratitude A to Z

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It’s not uncommon to hear the importance of having an attitude of gratitude and honestly, I’ve been gratitude journaling nearly every day for the last couple of years. I feel it’s power and I definitely feel those moments when I fall out of the habit. Each night before I go to bed, I break out my journal and write out… Read more »

Let’s Make a Deal

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Today was a big day. And I mean REALLY big day. THIS became mine! Oh yes, that’s right, I bought a new (used) car!  It was a big decision to make but I honestly feel it was the right one.  I know the lifetime on my Focus doesn’t have as much left as I want it to and I decided… Read more »

The Day the Doctor Ordered

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Sometimes it takes getting away to feel better, even without getting away.  Yesterday, all it took was a drive up PCH and a gorgeous hike through Malibu. It doesn’t look like this where I live: I mean, it does, but it requires the above mentioned drive to get me here.  And it’s worth every minute.  Someone please remind me that… Read more »

A Good Day

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Let me start by saying if you’re wondering what happened to yesterday’s Fitness Friday, I was in too much pain to do anything and quite honestly, there was nothing to report from last week.  I did yoga 2x and that’s it… After yesterday, I was so happy that I could walk when I woke up this morning and the pain… Read more »

When even walking’s hard to do

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It’s taking all that I have today to remain positive and remind myself I’m just 3 days away. Pain is radiating throughout my body without a moments relief that walking has become a chore. It all started during my 1:30am wake-up call this morning and has just kept pushing strong. Thankfully I was able to get myself to true grocery… Read more »

A Taste of Fall

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I know I’ve mentioned it before but Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  I love the slight chill in the air that makes you want to wear a sweater and hold onto a hot cup of coffee or cider.  And I love how the colors on the leaves change to reds, yellows and oranges. It’s one of the things… Read more »

A Much Needed Slap in the Face

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Sometimes we all just need a slap in the face.  Not literally, so put your paws down!  But a figurative slap in the face; a friendly little reminder.  And this morning I got mine. Despite taking this month to participate in the GratefulSeason, I’m still dealing with the looming procedure coming on Monday and everything that comes with it, both… Read more »