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It’s been one of those days where it just feels like there isn’t enough time in the day.  Work went by much quicker than I wanted (and needed) it to and despite staying a bit late to get a few more things done, I still feel like my ToDo list is long for everything I want to get done.  I… Read more »

The Clothing Cycle

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I have this agreement with myself that every time I buy myself new clothes, I find some clothes I don’t wear anymore (whether they don’t fit, fit funny or I just don’t like it anymore) to donate to those who are in need.  Remember: one person’s “trash” is another person’s “treasure.” After my mini Target shopping trip last week, I… Read more »

Crawling into bed

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I had all intentions of posting yesterday but when my 5am-2pm shift became a 5am-11am after being sent home sick, I spent the remainder of the day in bed.  Moving from my bed usually meant I was about to get sick, needed more water or was going to try food again.  The idea of sitting up long enough to write… Read more »


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There’s a place and a time for a little retail therapy and today after work was one of those times.  I was in pretty severe pain but I also didn’t want to go home, sit on my couch and end up falling asleep.  (I was up at 3AM and have to be tomorrow as well, so there are to be… Read more »

Sitting outside my door…

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I’ll be honest: I was a big cranky girl today.  I woke up, went to the gym and felt great.  I got to work and somehow only a couple hours in and I was losing my grip so fast that I had trouble wheeling myself back in.  A few hugs from friends and another viewing of the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween… Read more »

A Day Off

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Today wasn’t one of those days where the pain was stabbing but rather dull and achy, where it feels like it’s exhausting my whole body, making me light headed and tired.  I wish I knew how to better describe all this pain, but honestly, I can’t.  I wish I could talk about other things and while I know I can,… Read more »

Caught in the act

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Someone fell on their run this morning. That someone was me. Thankfully nothing was hurt except for my ego (and a few scrapes). Then my annoyance surged when I opened my mail to see a notice of delinquent renewal from the state of California.  Apparently, even when they don’t send you the first notice letting you know, it’s still delinquent. … Read more »