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Juice boxes & Harry Potter

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I’ve always hated doctor’s offices for as long as I can remember.  I honestly have a hard time thinking of a doctor that I’ve liked and actually trusted myself with.  Because of that, I choose to not go.  As someone who promotes living a healthy lifestyle, this has always surprised me.  I know and understand the importance of getting routine… Read more »

Happy Day!

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Call me crazy but I don’t mind split shifts.  At least ones that give me about 8 hours between the two shifts. I went in early this morning to do an update and will be going back later this evening for some organizational work while the store is closed.  And in between I got to get some delicious Intelligentsia coffee… Read more »

Chamber of Secrets

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Thankfully my parents got the hint the other day and put my Harry Potter books in the mail.  But just knowing they were on their way made me even more anxious for their arrival so I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when they showed up yesterday afternoon (especially after my dad said to expect them on Monday).  But the… Read more »