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That’s exactly what I’m going to do tonight.  Unplug.   It’s also what I did last night.  And apparently, it’s one of the greatest things to do when you’re feeling cranky. I’m in the middle of Harry Potter 7 right now and it’s really good so I really don’t mind telling myself that that’s how I’m going to spend my… Read more »

I want to be a veela

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I’ve been zooming my way through the Harry Potter books, feeling like a little bit of a nerd (and a late one at that) but I also haven’t cared.  I’m enjoying reading these books right now and really that’s all that matters in my opinion.  (And I’m sure my reading teacher mother would agree.) Anyway, I’m working my way through… Read more »

Pushing through the 3rd..

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If you remember the other day I mentioned how I was nearly complete with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2).  That night I decided to start the third book (HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban) and made it about 30 pages in.  Well having yesterday off with nothing more planned than a good workout (which I did… Read more »

Chamber of Secrets

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Thankfully my parents got the hint the other day and put my Harry Potter books in the mail.  But just knowing they were on their way made me even more anxious for their arrival so I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when they showed up yesterday afternoon (especially after my dad said to expect them on Monday).  But the… Read more »

Harry Potter Book Club

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When I was back home in IL I found myself wanting to read the Harry Potter books.  And no, I don’t mean again.  I mean as in the first time.  Ever.   Back when they were still new, I read the first book and started the second.  I liked them but sitting down and reading just didn’t happen and I… Read more »