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Gratitude A to Z

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It’s not uncommon to hear the importance of having an attitude of gratitude and honestly, I’ve been gratitude journaling nearly every day for the last couple of years. I feel it’s power and I definitely feel those moments when I fall out of the habit. Each night before I go to bed, I break out my journal and write out… Read more »

The Self-Care Gift Guide

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With Thanksgiving only a few days away and snow on the ground in Michigan, there’s no denying that the holidays are here. I’ve been brainstorming gifts to give my family and also coming up with a few ideas for when my family asks what I’d like to receive. As someone who is a huge proponent of self-care and taking time… Read more »

The Self-Care Challenge

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I’ve been teasing a bit about this self-care challenge I’ve been doing but it’s time to finally fill you in on all of the nitty-gritty details. After feeling like my anxiety had been acting up more, I knew I needed to spend some time focusing on self-care. This was decided pre-breakup but after that went down, the timing really couldn’t… Read more »

The Importance of Prioritizing Self Care

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We all have those days when we just feel off. While I’m pleased to say I am on the mend from mono (though obviously still taking it easy and listening to my body when it asks for more rest), mono meant a complete change in my day to day and it really started to catch up with me. When you’re… Read more »

Homemade Make-up Remover

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One thing I’ve been trying to do is be even more mindful of the products that I use in and on my body. While I pay a lot of attention to the foods I eat, it doesn’t align with my beliefs to then use products that are packed with chemicals and additives that can still harm my body. Over the… Read more »

6 Ways to Take Rest

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This may come as no surprise to some of you, but when it comes to taking rest, I’m pretty bad at it. I know and understand the importance of rest days in my workouts, but what about the rest of my life? Just give me a big ol’ F. I work hard and I enjoy working hard and being busy,… Read more »

5 (Natural) Ways To Keep Your Lungs Healthy

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Many of you may know this already, but I have asthma. I didn’t grow up with it and honestly had no idea I had it until I was in college and living in Boston. I was sitting on my bed in my dorm room working on an assignment that wasn’t due for a few weeks when I suddenly found myself… Read more »