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My Final Healthy Living Summit Recap (I think!)

Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD based out of Chicago and the Quaker sponsored speaker at the Healthy Living Summit.  She is also the author of The Flexitarian Diet.  I haven’t read her book (yet) but I was given a free copy while at HLS and especially after starting it last night, I’m so excited to finish it.  Just in the introduction… Read more »

Healthy Living Summit Recap #1

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Could I have taken any longer to recap my weekend at the Healthy Living Summit?  I’m saying probably not and while I should probably be spending my evening do other things, I don’t want to do them, I want to share my experiences at HLS! I arrived to Philly around 10:30/11 AM and went straight to the hotel hoping I’d… Read more »

How to Travel Healthy

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Having gone on two trips this month may make it hard to believe but I don’t travel very often, aside from going home and the occasional trip for a big show or event.  But I have to say, I do consider myself someone who knows how to travel. I’m the girl you want to be behind in the security line… Read more »

Foodie for a Day / The Food of the Healthy Living Summit

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You’d imagine healthy food at a Healthy Living Summit, yet I was still pleasantly surprised by the delicious healthy food available! Friday night was a cocktail party and I failed miserably at taking pictures of my plate of snacks + drinks.  Sorry… Saturday began with a delicious array of fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, juice and coffee.  Our breakfast was courtesy… Read more »

The Weekend We’ve All Been Waiting For!!

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Okay, so maybe that’s the overstatement of the week because it’s really the weekend *I’ve* been waiting for (for the last few weeks)! I’m off to the Healthy Living Summit in Philadelphia (& a trip to New York of course)! Despite a semi hectic afternoon and early evening, I made it to the airport and through security fairly easy. I… Read more »

Healthy Living Summit

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I am so excited!  I’m sure some of you have been watching my Twitter feed these last few days and saw a posting about a trip to Philly with no further information.  If you’re anything like my ‘rents, you’re probably wondering what is making me fly to Philly. WELL, let me tell you! A few days ago the blog-o-sphere had… Read more »