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Music Monday // A Charlie Brown Christmas

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I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Christmas is SUNDAY!  Can you believe it?  Ever since moving to LA over 2 years ago, I have a hard time feeling like it’s Christmas when it doesn’t get all cold and snow.  The snowflake shaped lights and Christmas decorations all around just don’t have the same affect… Read more »

A Christmas Survey

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Can you believe that it’s already December 17th?  Christmas is right around the corner!  While I’ll be in LA for Christmas, I do get to go home to my family in IL shortly thereafter and I couldn’t be more excited about that.  Celebrating Christmas a few days late is no big deal to me since we’ll all still get the… Read more »

Music Monday // Last Christmas

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I’ve been talking about how much I love the new Florence + the Machine album, Ceremonials, so it should come at no surprise that I was excited to find a Florence + the Machine version of “Last Christmas.”  I actually just happened to stumble upon it but I’m so happy I did.  I really do love me some Florence +… Read more »

Music Monday – Holiday Edition

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I remember when he walked into the store last holiday season.  I was standing in the accessory section and there were two men looking at cases together.  I looked around at them and said “can I help you guys find anything?”  They looked to me and told me what they were looking for.  I pointed them in the right direction… Read more »

Surfboard Yoga

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Happy November! We’re now officially past Thanksgiving Halloween (good catch Mom!) and time is going to fly through the holiday season; I hope we’re all ready!  I’m still trying to determine my holiday plans but I know I’ll be spending Christmas Day in LA and will probably try to pull together some sort of gathering so no one is left… Read more »