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Sitting outside my door…

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I’ll be honest: I was a big cranky girl today.  I woke up, went to the gym and felt great.  I got to work and somehow only a couple hours in and I was losing my grip so fast that I had trouble wheeling myself back in.  A few hugs from friends and another viewing of the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween… Read more »

Steps 1 to 7

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The goal for today is to not allow myself into a complete tizzy while imagining the worst case scenario.  Being prepared for all potential outcomes is good; allowing yourself to freak out when you can’t do anything about it is a waste of energy. Step 1: There’s no crying in the weight room – so STOP! Step 2: Just breathe. … Read more »


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I had one post all typed up and ready to go and last minute, I decided to change it.  I had this fear that I would worry everyone too much, though I was ready to start taking bets on how much time would go by before my family started flooding my inbox with emails about how much I need to… Read more »