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London Calling?

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Lately I’ve had these strong urges to move to San Francisco, back to New York City, or as in this morning’s case – London. …uh what?! I learned fairly quickly after moving to LA, that this isn’t where I’m meant to end up.  I’ve been okay staying here because I don’t want to spend the precious money moving all over… Read more »

Moving Tips!

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There’s still a lot of unpacking that needs to be done but I definitely started to get myself settled last night but man am I exhausted!  Thankfully my legs and feet are feeling a bit better than they were at 2am when the pain radiating through my body woke me up and kept me up for awhile.  I think I… Read more »

Today is the day!

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Well everyone, today is the day, the day of officially moving!  I decided to forego a truck and stuck with a Cargo van instead as I feel more comfortable driving that and hope it will save some of the moving stresses that come up.  Though while maintaining relatively calm on the outside my insides are twisting and turning with all… Read more »

Foodie for a Day – Farmer’s Market!

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Better late than never, right? It’s been a crazy day!  After a crazy busy (but still good) day at work, I hurried home and more moving work immediately ensued.  I had a few minutes before Heather joined me, so I started calling Time Warner, the Gas Co, and the electric company.  All that is done – phew! (And I get… Read more »

Things are moving

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Or more like I am.  My apartment + my body! I will be hitting the hay probably earlier than I should admit tonight, but I’m tired and so are my feets! (I think I need a new pair of shoes to throw into my regular rotation but those cost money, so my feet will continue to hate me.) The apartment… Read more »

Another Day

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Another day of work completed.  Another pile of stuff dropped at the new apartment.  Another day of breathing. More blog posts being planned.  More thoughts being had.  More music to get through it all. Speaking of music, I’d like to share Death Cab for Cutie’s new single “You Are a Tourist” from their recently released Codes and Keys album.  Good… Read more »

A Whirlwind..

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I’ve done a terrible job following this Trust 30 Challenge (I’m sorry Justine!) but I think Justine and I share some frustrations with the writing prompts, thus making it difficult for me to make myself sit down and do it everyday.  Instead, I’ve just been saving the prompts (and jumping around), to whatever feels fitting on a day that I… Read more »