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We made it to NYC!

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We made it to New York! Our drive began bright and early yesterday morning in rainy Boston. Before getting on the road, I made my way to the ever famous Marylou’s for iced coffee. 5 or so hours of driving later and we dropped off the rental car, got picked up by my friends and made our way to Jersey… Read more »

London Calling?

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Lately I’ve had these strong urges to move to San Francisco, back to New York City, or as in this morning’s case – London. …uh what?! I learned fairly quickly after moving to LA, that this isn’t where I’m meant to end up.  I’ve been okay staying here because I don’t want to spend the precious money moving all over… Read more »

Foodie for a Day

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My initial thought is “it’s another crazy week” but then I stop and am reminded it’s just a crazy month.  I didn’t realize how crazy September was going to be!  At least despite the madness, I’m staying motivated and positive and pushing forward with everything I have. (And fitting in sleep where possible). I have a trip to the grocery… Read more »

It’s a mental challenge too….

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Officially 11 days in and I think the initial “glow” is wearing off and this challenge is becoming more mental for me.  I succeeded at my task to focus and let go during last night’s Restorative Flow but was definitely looking forward to getting back to a nice sweaty flow.  My morning started out rather rough and I feared for… Read more »

Something You Can’t Leave Home Without – Day 15

You mean aside from the obvious – wallet with drivers license and hopefully a form of payment (credit cards, cash, whatever you prefer to use)?  Easy…my iPhone!! I know, I know.  My sister is probably cringing in front of her computer screen reading this right now.  Not because I can’t leave my house without a phone, because I can’t leave… Read more »