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Music Monday: The Lumineers // Self-Titled Album

I wanted to write a long post breaking down my completely 100 percent honest opinion about this album.  Someday maybe I still will; maybe this is it.  The problem I’m facing is that while I’m over the move from indie manager to more mainstream management and I’m happy the band has been able to achieve success based on the momentum… Read more »

Finding Your Inspiration

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Some people would call me crazy.  I had a job in the music industry that I really did enjoy but I chose to leave.  The company was awesome, my bosses and coworker were awesome and our clients were awesome.  So why would I leave? To this day, I’m not sure anyone at the company truly understands how difficult of a… Read more »

“Smashed in my car window, didn’t touch the stereo”

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Sometimes it’s easy to still be a bit bitter over everything that happened.  Sometimes it’s hard to not still feel a bit burned.  But all of this aside, they are amazing musicians who deserve to witness their dreams come true. I’m talking about The Lumineers. Whether you know the past, the history involved or not, today it doesn’t matter.  Not… Read more »

Music Monday – The Lumineers

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Today it hits close to home but I still want to share…  If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I used to manage a band called The Lumineers.  If you’ve been reading a bit, you also watched as I lost the band.  But despite everything that happened, they are my friends and amazing musicians.  So when… Read more »

Apology from a Foodie

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Let me start by apologizing for my delay and lack of posts these past couple of weeks.  With school and some crazy stuff at work leading to 10-12 hour days, I come home mentally and physically exhausted so I pour myself a bowl of cereal for dinner and go to bed.  If I have even a bit of energy, I… Read more »

A Moment You Wish You Could Relive – Day 23

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I’m stumped.  Is that bad?  It’s not that there aren’t moments I want to relive, because I have some great memories that I would love to relive but at the same time, if we relive those moments over again, are they really as special the second time?  That’s my fear.  Instead I look forward to creating new memories that I’ll… Read more »

A Photo of You and Your Family – Day 17

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Would you believe I don’t actually have that many photos of my family on my computer? The ones that I do have are older and from when I made my sister a photo book before she joined the Peace Corps.  I wanted to make sure she had plenty of pictures (new and old) to remember all of us and share… Read more »